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I am pretty bummed out! I had big plans on saturday with Jaime. We were going to play our card game and have lunch. That got cancelled because she had to finis a big project for school. So I was like oh that ok I still get to go see Amanda and the kids. Then today I found out that Amanda had to cancel because she had to go to the hospital to see her cousin. So now my big plans changed to no plans!


We lost Hercules on July 16th, 2011. We got him in 1998. He was the coolest dog ever! Mom tells me that the house is so quiet with him gone since he made the most noise...




I went to pick up some medicine at Walgreens. They ask for my insurance and didn't think anything about it. They then tell me that my insurance expired! How can I get insurance from work that I have been paying on expire on June 1st and I find out a month later! WTF! I got more appointment coming up and HR needs to fix it because I can't pay full amount all medications and doctors visits. I don't have $300 dollars to waste. That money would pay two bills. I emailed HR and will call them tomorow. I hope I can get those meds tomorrow.


I am not going to let what other people say to predict what I do. If someone calls me, I will pick up the phone. If someone wants to hang out, then I will hang out with them. I am not going to be sad when there is no need to be. I guess I will just not be so forthcoming with some people so I don't have to be put in the wringer. I mean it isn't like they won't find out anyway. I would rather have a delay than anything else. Rock On!

<3 Nicole <3


I just a surprise phone call from Hot Rod! If he is calling me instead of texting me, then it is important. He actually wants me to call him tomorrow. Wow! I hope it won't be disappointing like times before. I don't need anymore disappointment.

<3 Nicole <3

Spotty Truck

Bunny and I were coming home from spending the July 4th holiday with family. Bunny and I drove my this bar on our way home and I saw Hank's truck at the bar. I haven't seen him in a long time but last I heard he was still blaming me for how is live is at this point.

He told everyone I am evil and ruined his life. I mean REALLY? DUDE WE BROKE UP FOR THE 2ND TIME A YEAR AND HALF AGO! GET OVER IT ALREADY!

I will never understand little BOYS! I know you are probably saying but HANK is grown. Well he is grown but that doesn't mean that he is man. HANK will never be a man!

<3 Nicole <3


It has been along time since I have been on this site. A bunch of things has changed in three years. The biggest thing is Motherhood! It is the greatest! The best thing ever!

Happy Birthday USA!

Everyone Be Safe! <3

<3 Nicole <3

WWE Family Feud

Just wanted to let everyone know that I caught Family Feud on tv today. It was WWE superstars vs. WWE divas. It must have been from last year... it had batista, coach, kennedy, ric, booker, maria, sharmell, michelle, and a couple other divas.

It was kool!


the best news!!!

Things I have been going thru this past week is like night and day!

I find out my good friend has past away....

then i find out the guy i love just doesnt love me but is in love with me!


New Kid on the Block are all over the net and all over myspace.

the boys are back together and they will be on the TODAY show soon.

you can even go to NKOTB.com and sign up to get alerts and find out where they will be playing!!

yayyy!! I feel like i am 12 back in 1992! hahahahahaa!

<3 Nicole